Is sugar evil?

Agave nectar, brown rice syrup, date sugar, coconut sugar, honey and maple syrup. All sugar.  Not to mention, sugar has also found its way into almost every single prepackaged food, drink and snack that you can put your hands (or mouth) on.

The average Canadian eats an astounding 88 pounds of sugar a year; with the average teen age boy consuming 138 pounds!
Is all sugar really evil ?  For starters, think of all the diseases/illnesses that are related to excess refined sugar consumption:
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Tooth decay
  • Candida
  • Heart disease

Grains, beans, vegetables and fruit all contain sugars, and when we eat these the sugar enters our bloodstream slowly.  Not to mention, they also contain vitamins and minerals.  Refined sugars do not work in the same way, and that’s why they are such a problem. So how can we limit our refined sugar intake?

  1. Limit the processed foods you eat. No matter where you side on the sugar controversy, there’s no doubt that eating a diet that’s high in processed foods and therefore sugar, salt and unhealthy fat isn’t good for you or your body. When possible, eat foods that are as close to the source as possible. Remember -If it comes from a plant eat it.  If it is made in a plant leave it.
  2. Cut out soda pop -High in sugar  (a regular coke has 17 teaspoons of sugar!)and salt; as well as chemicals!  Replace with sparkling water.
  3. Stop thinking of sweets as a treat – Reward yourself in other ways such as taking time out for a walk with friends, a hot bath or a massage.

Need some more motivation?  Check out the video below Sugar is Killing Us.  What are your thoughts? Is sugar evil?

Julia xox



  1. Great post. Love your use of bullets and numbering. Sugar definitely makes it a lot harder to stay thin. Sugar is like a sweet Hard to resist but definitely bad for you.

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