Five Snacks to Beat the 3pm Slump

We have all been there.

It’s 3pm and not only are you yawning, but your tummy is grumbling so loudly that the person in the next cubicle at work just gave you a weird look and put in their ear buds!  Instead of grabbing that doughnut or chocolate bar (full of sugar and ingredients that you can’t pronounce!); try grabbing one of these healthy nibbles that will help keep you energized and avoid the “crash and burn” of a sugar high.

  1. Hummus and raw veggies – The star of the veggie tray! Full of protein and fiber and you can easily make your own!
  2. Yogurt with berries and seeds – An easy and delicious way to get your dose of bone building calcium and anti-oxidants.
  3. Chocolate banana smoothie – Feel like a milkshake?  Try this instead.
  4. An apple with a tablespoon of almond butter – An apple a day….well you know the rest!
  5. Homemade protein bars -Check out these no bake chocolate peanut butter bars from Oh She Glows.  Not only are they delicious but you can actually identify all the ingredients!

So next time you crave that midday munch grab one of these healthy snacks and crush those cravings!


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